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TCF aims to open new opportunities for its members by offering avenues for professional growth, sharing of knowledge and access to tourism consultancy services and benefits.

Meet Fellow Professionals

TCF provides a platform for discussion of important topics and developments in the tourism industry.

Build Your Traction

Open new opportunities for members by offering opportunities for professional growth and knowledge share.

Go International

Share expertise by seeking association with compatible membership associations globally.

Helping you Grow your Business

In-house specialists

Meet and connect with in-house subject matter specialists in the tourism industry.

Room to grow

Learn the tips and strategies required to grow your business.

Build your network

Connect with like-minded experts to grow your professional network.

World-class mentors

Learn from leading industry experts and be guided on the entrepreneurship journey.


To establish and promote the growth of value-added Tourism Consultancy practice in Nigeria.


To be a major player in Nigeria’s tourism industry by promoting excellence and best practice in tourism related consultancy services through innovative training, networking opportunities and collaboration with key tourism stakeholders.

Core Values

All members of the association are required to be guided by the association core values of Professionalism, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence – PIIE

Membership Benefits

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